Welcome to Abacus Inn in Glendale, AZ

Located in Glendale, Arizona, the Abacus Inn is a traditional Chinese restaurant that serves delicious, traditional Chinses cuisine. Originating in Phoenix, the Abacus Inn has brought authentic, flavorful Chinses cuisine to the area using only the freshest ingredients. Our chef originates from China and has authentic, traditional recipes that are utilized in China that are served daily on our menu. Not only do we serve delicious, traditional dishes we've become known for, we also have developed new, tasty, and unique dishes that have become crowd favorites. In 1999, we had the honor of being awarded a "BEST" by the Arizona Republic for Chinese food in the West Valley! We continue to serve the tastiest Chinese cuisine in town!

Traditional Chinese Cuisine

The Abacus Inn is our newest addition to our restaurant chain. Not only do we have special recipes with a unique blend of flavor and traditional Chinese cuisine, but we also have the traditional dishes that we have come to be known and loved for. When you dine with us at the Abacus Inn, it's like stepping into the Chinese culture. We not only bring you delicious food, but also a unique experience of dining in the Far East.

We go above and beyond to provide humble, gracious and superior customer service to each and every customer that walks through our doors. Our menu is full of flavor and spices that won't disappoint. We use only the freshest ingredients to bring you the best Chinese cuisine in town. Dine in with us for a one of a kind experience that will keep you coming back for more!

Dine in With Us

For questions about our menu, contact us at (623) 362-1788.